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Don't stare. Reed me

8 MARCH | Woman's Day

Mi cuerpo, mi hogar.

I don't wanna know mor about Ingrid nor Fatima nor Minerva or Janeth. I'd like not to know their names, or their faces, what they did, their age.. or when she was last seen.

I would like not to have nightmares by just watching the news,

I would like not to have this conversations with my mother and I'd love that she could be calm and know that I am safe. That she can go to sleep, instead of stay up all night waiting for me to write "I'm home" or "good night mom" because I fell asleep.

I would love to walk my dog at night without having to have company, or being scared when a man walks in my direction. I would love not to have and endless list of "paranoias" and not to worry because maybe, when my roomie went to work this morning, might be the last time I see her. Or any of my friends or family. I pray that the last time I saw them, won't be THE last time.

Don't stare, reed me.

idea by Camila puerto
photography by María josé bolio hz

There are endless feelings and stories that inspired this series of pictures. Horror stories, sad stories. Stories that I want to erase from my memory. Stories that should not be a reality.

This photo series is a kind of protest. Enough is enough. The world must know what happens in México. Some of this messages tattooed in the body are so obvious, such as "My body is my home", "My body is mine" or "No, means No" ... basic concepts, that should be part of our cultural and educational bones, and that is so archaic and barbaric that there are still people in this era that trespasses them.

Every year, we face different types of violence that attempt against our human rights. Rape, murder, kidnapping, violence, misogyny, inequality. And all of them are related and connected. From that tiny one action to the biggest one, it goes objectifying women until it upscales to those terrors that fills our nightmares. The worst of all is that those living nightmares, many times become reality because of people that are close to the victims. Yes, que get into a strangers car with distrust. Yes, walking alone in a dark street activates our fight or flight mode. Yes, we go on herds just to feel safe. But, what do you do when the threat lives under your roof? When your word is worthless and nobody believes what you say? When you have that "smart" teacher or that boss that wants to promote you, or that "friend" that hugs you way too fondly... that partner, uncle, cusin... brother...what do you do if you got that parent? What could have Ivonne, Eva Angela, Zara, Flor, Isabel done... ?

We want us alive and free

  • MUA: Jessica Díaz

  • MUA: Liz Jardón


This project has been precented in Lalish Theater Labor in Viena, Austria, in Grecia, or "Exposición Redes Sororas" at the Museo Universitario Leopoldo Flores in CDMX (available until May2023). It has expanded to other contrys like Irán, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, etc.... You can also join the movment and see more in Instgram or facebook about Camila Puerto 's work and from other wonderful and talented photographers with the tag #NoMeMiresLeeme.

We want to hear your voice!



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